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I expect to be offline for the weekend so…..

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On frymðe wæs Word, and þæt Word wæs mid Gode, and God wæs þæt Word. þæt wæs on fruman mid Gode. Ealle þing wæron geworhte ðurh hyne; and nan þing næs geworht butan him. þæt wæs lif þe on him geworht wæs; and þæt lif wæs manna leoht. And þæt leoht lyht on ðystrum; and þystro þæt ne genamon.

Are you part of the hive or the pack? ummm,how about neither?

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What is the Six Week Tweak? and were you ever of the mind to make your own falafel?

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Some people want to live in a yurt. Yes, for real:)