A Jot And A Tittle

Not a Biblical reference really, just to say a bit of something: the more I blog, and the more time I spend reading blogs the more it impresses me that there is such a wide spectrum of thinking out there. There is careful thinking and many sharp observations, and there is the most muddled up and proudly promoted -just wrong- stuff that actually makes me tired to read it.

I have the bad habit of not being able to tear my eyes away from the latter.

Now that I preambled this… I can’t say what the examples are without doing a major hatchet job that offends the people used as specimens. I don’t really want to do that, so I just leave it at this, we need to think things through. There are people who have held the microphone too long, and groups that have hogged the public forum. Science is not God. There, I said one thing. Science is a tool and an occupation of man….. it is not the Standard by which all things are measured, and it certainly is not a god substitute.

And I will say it again… people make pretty poor gods, they just aren’t fit for it. All those things engined by people: they have someone behind the curtain, so art and science and philosophy and all the disciplines of man are just that, the things of men.

You don’t have to believe in God if you don’t want to, but I sure don’t want you trying to sneak science in as a substitute, just cause you have a void to fill.

Because as my little post on Tell Me Again, Why Should I Trust You? illustrates, a complaint can be made about how malleable science really is to the machinations of men…..