A Message From God

You know, Ive been thinking about that leopard story. There have been a few news stories recently that have caught my attention along these lines. Like the lion which protected the girl from kidnappers.

For some reason I have been thinking about how God speaks and how many of His messages are “Be not afraid”. God says that to us all the time through the scripture accounts. And that was exactly what the whisper to this African farmer amounted to “Stick your hand down its mouth”. The very opposite to human reason.

You’ve got this raging predatory cat trying to eat you? Stick your hand down its mouth! Grab it and rip its throat out. Well, tongue, but who’s to quibble here? It was an incredibly courageous and completely unreasonable thing to do.

Does anyone else out there get the same message from this? To drop your machete, and to put your very hand in the mouth of the attacker? To obey a voice.

It sounds insane, put that way, but how much of our Christian commandment is just such a thing?

The only thing that separates this from the pages on stupid things to do is the outcome, and no one prepares for this sort of event or outcome.

Except maybe Christians who still believe that God speaks, saves, and delivers.

I have no idea of the beliefs of those Africans in those stories, nothing was reported in the news that I read….. I’m just telling you that it got me thinking.

“Be not afraid” “Obey”.

3 thoughts on “A Message From God”

  1. I think I have to meet you someday- I don’t think I have ever met my “kindred spirit”… but I seem to find one in you.

  2. Greetings!

    The prophet and evangelist William Branham once was surprised by a killer bull when crossing a field.

    The bull had killed a man before, and was kicking in the dirt and bowing it’s head to attack Bro Branham.

    Branham’s first reaction was fear, but then he felt sorry for the bull, and he talked to it. He said he was sorry that he had interrupted the bull’s sleep…

    The result? The bull looked at him, and turned and went to lay down and continue his nap. Love drives away fear. True, godly love, that is. 🙂

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