A Note For Making Your Dreams Come True

From twitter came a link to Star Gardener’s post, which concludes:

But I am ready now.
It has been my experience that we teach others what we want (need) to learn. Life just works out that way … I am an advocate. That is the common thread woven within the fabric of my life. And if I can be an advocate for others, I know I can do it for myself! (Especially with a little help from my friends!)

This reminded me of something from a former New Year’s resolution idea, making a personal mission statement. I have had problems tagging myself in the way Star Gardner has. I want to , but either past history or fear of other’s perceptions get in my way. I’m not a fearful person on the whole, at least not in ways that many others are fearful. My own brand shows up in the most debilitating way: I lock up in paralyzed inability to move . Neither forward nor backward, I hover in a a holding pattern that wastes time and energy while not accomplishing anything. I hate it when I find myself there. So I have often felt that this idea of a personal mission statement would be a useful way to approach such barriers. Getting your eyes on something beyond your present circumstance.

Star Gardener calls herself an advocate, and that distills a great deal of direction into one label. I sometimes look at how I arranged my life and what I value and I call myself “a nurturer”. But then I look at myself and how others respond to me, and feel I am not very nurturing by nature. You see my Identity conflict? So I have what I want to be,”a nurturer” and I have my set of characteristics. Do we want the impossible, or are we tied in place by voices that have defined us…voices that had no perception of who we really were? I am inclined to see it as the latter case. If only because I think we have dreams inside us that are meant to be lived and attained, We are not meant for a constant state of conflicted and frustrated hopes and dreams. We are destined for failures; we only make or allow failure. And we can make and allow for success just as well.

The things we most need are:

  • worthwhile goals
  • support from others in our lives
  • clear vision

I haven’t specifically mentioned God in any of this. I believe God is implied in every moral value, “worthwhile”, and needed circumstance, but our filter is a-kilter. We might see God as advocating something He has never approved, or we might see Him as always thwarting our dreams. Neither of those things are true. Why do we have such a a hard time understanding that God’s very nature is good and doing good to His creation? Why do we see correction as “bad”?

I see I have entered the area of thought where this could go on for a long time, and I don’t mean to do that today.

I mean to look at identifying the iconic motif of my own life and using it to achieve my goals. Even at this late juncture of life.

I mean to try to see clearly what it is that I most try to “teach” others, and get busy on mastering that myself. I want my dreams to come true in this lifetime. I want my children’s dreams to come true. I want to see God’s dreams come true. What you say you didn’t know God had dreams? Well, I think He does and my confidence is that He has the ability to make His dreams come true, and mine too… and my children’s as well…. and yours, too.

But we all still have some discovery to do, and that is what I look forward to in the coming year: a year of clear discovery.

winter thoughts
winter thoughts

2 thoughts on “A Note For Making Your Dreams Come True”

  1. Turning dreams into reality is often difficult and sometimes requires reshaping the dreams.
    I have been lucky because since I entered High School I have felt called by God and God gave me Betty who supported me in the call.

  2. “Do we want the impossible, or are we tied in place by voices that have defined us…voices that had no
    perception of who we really were?”

    Untying ourselves from faulty beliefs is definitely a process of Grace. I appreciate your honestly and insights, True.

    And remember, “we teach others what we want (need) to learn.” Remember to be a nurturer to yourself.

    ? Don’t be reluctant to give of yourself generously, it’s the mark of caring and compassion and personal greatness. ~Brian Tracy

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