A Novel View of Heresy

Is Heresy Heretical? | By James V. Schall, S.J. | May 19. 2005

Today, the only popularly acknowledged public “heretics” are those who think that there is such a thing as truth and that we can come close to explaining what it is. The only “heretics,” in other words, are the orthodox who think that truth is the truth in all ages and is the basis of our freedom. The prevailing opinion, one might say, the culture, maintains that there can be no truth, so that any claim that there is or might be is itself upsetting to the polity. It is to be looked upon as dangerous. To hold the truth, even that there be a truth, has become a “fanatical” position. Sanity is pictured as insane.

I wandered to this article via relapsed catholic. It gave me some food for thought.

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