A Special Gift

Maybe even for you!
I know this is a year of frugality and we are all making efforts to stem crass commercialism, but there always ought to be time to appreciate art and to support talent. I randomly chose one I like to illustrate this post.

I try to not make a secret of the high regard I hold for certain blogs and talents. I don’t want to be stingy with well deserved praise for them. So it shouldn’t be a secret how much I have admired the photography of Points of Light.

Today James Jordan announced he is actively seeking customers for his prints. And I think this would make a great gift for someone. He lists his offerings:

“A high-quality 8×10 photographic print is $19. But wait, there’s more: A 16×20 print is $49 and a few hardy souls have purchased 20×30 prints at $62.

Not sure where to start to select a photo? A good place to browse is my photo stream at Flickr.

Compare those prices with commercial outlets whose mass produced pictures are widely available. It is a very reasonable price when you get something that is going to be comparatively unique- like browsing the gallery district to get a fine photographic print.

Perhaps his unemployment will prove to have the hidden silver lining of expanding his art.

James Jordan, Points of Light, photo

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