ABC’s From Golden Gods

That almost sounds idolatrous doesn’t it? It’s just a meme. Because I don’t want to get heavy over the holiday….. ( little pun, little fun)

A is for Age – old old old
B is for Booze – Too much… to nothing…. to the occasional, now. Spanish red wine
C is for Cookie you crave – I’m into cookies…. lessee, favorite is kifli, with cream cheese dough…. I want one now.
D is for Dating tip you’d give your son or daughter – I’m one of those “don’t date” parents. but if they do they know the rules, so “remember the rules”.
E is for Essential items to bring to a party – why, *me* of course, with my x-tra sparkly mood.
F is for Favorite song at the moment – I just listen to whatever the kids have on at the moment….
G is for Goof off thing to do – blog mostly
H is for Hometown – Cowtown
I is for Instrument you play – Piano, voice, zills, own and try the bodhrán ( but I’m no good) .
J is for Jam or Jelly you like – Maine wild blueberry.
K is for Kids – Yes, it is. ( I liked Worship Naked’s answer,but I’m like the old woman in the shoe)
L is for Living arrangement – cluttered/ always working on it
M is for Mom’s name – it morphed through different phases of her life
N is for Name of first crush – Robert Wallace. really. 5th grade I think. He had this dimple in his chin….
O is for Overexposed celebrity? – They are all overexposed.
P is for Phobias – don’t like heights
Q is for Quote you like – “O senseless man, who cannot possibly make a worm and yet will make Gods by the dozen!” — Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)
R is for Relationship that lasted longest – marriage.
S is for Siblings – Two.
T is for Texas, ever been? – Nope, husband developed allergy during his hippy years.
U is for Unique trait – I actually try what lots of people talk about trying… but that isn’t really unique, just unusual.
V for Vegetable you love – I generally like them, but I love lettuce. I stuff my mouth with lettuce when nobody is looking…but it has to be mesclun or baby lettuce mixes…..
W is for Worst trait – I’m critical. I’m not very humorous ( you pick)
X – is for Xtra Credit, did you ever do it in school? – yes. I also took the coming years history in summer school so I could add more credits to my school year.
Y is for Yummy food you make – holiday dinners
Z is for Zodiac sign – Ursa Major

taken up from someone who Worships Naked….


Hope everyone is having a great Memorial weekend. I think this year we especially remember so many that have given their lives in military service. I remember my Uncle Archie, a WW2 veteran who earned a purple heart. He was patched up on the battlefield and had problems with that leg all his life.

He was the uncle who my mom and I went around Hungary with. He was very stoic about the pain and difficulty from his leg, too much so, so that I got to see the medical institutions of Eastern Europe first hand on that trip.

He was a brave guy.

4 thoughts on “ABC’s From Golden Gods”

  1. Hey, Ilona — I liked your answers. I’m especially intrigued by this whole “kifli” thing. I want one now, too. Will you be posting a recipe soon? 😉

  2. Love your new look, Ilona! What a beautiful photo of you! I shall steal a few minutes and read your birth stories and happy thoughts today!

    Great list! Ilona is now slightly less of an enigma!

    Remembering the fallen…thanks be to God for brave soldiers and may He send His Peace to their families.

  3. I am now perilously close to the familiarity breeds contempt adage…. so we will move right along. On the pic: I had the choice between two from my niece’s wedding last month… I chose the more flattering one. I am a woman after all.

    Amen to your prayer.Amen.

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