Abortion: Facets to Consider

Because it appears that there is a huge shift in how abortion is being discussed in the public forum I am going to devote a little time to the topic.

I would like anyone who visits here to read what I think is an important facet of the discussion, which is Parableman’s Abortion and Coercion.

I have not come across a better written nor more considered article on this aspect of the issue.

2 thoughts on “Abortion: Facets to Consider”

  1. Yours is a terrific site, well-written and well-thought, and I have added it to my site’s blogroll. And, may I add, that I’m flattered and grateful to be listed in yours. Your posts on the abortion issue square with my thinking and my passion on this horrific issue. Your writing is particularly compelling because of its tone and tint — combining philosophical and spiritual elements. Keep up the good fight. I’ll be a regular visitor.

  2. I am momentarily non-plussed. Thank you! I appreciate your compliments- I wasn’t feeling very worthy as a blogger today.

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