TrueGrit…how it all began

Once, long ago, in a quaint little farmhouse…. actually, yes, I had begun a website (which is a story in itself) while living in my farmhouse with my large brood of children and one of the sections was my Garden pages(now on my own domain, but originally on geocities). I was writing something of a garden journal in the cumbersome html process when I started looking for an easier way. I remembered the old personal journal-type sites and looked around. Happening upon the blogosphere phenomenon! The first “truegrit” was on upsaid.com when they were offering free blogging, I hadn’t made up my mind whether to keep it or go with a blogger site. TrueGrit morphed into more of an opinion and life journal- at that time centering more on homeschooling and my anguished father/daughter relationship, I kept the blogger journal for gardening.

Then, in the way of the internet, upsaid decided to go commercial, and I decided my family budget could not afford to support this diversion of mine. I copied out the most important posts, and moved on. I wanted a different platform, and found JD’s weblogs,us. It has been my happy home ever since, JD and company have been the best hosts, and I get to be my cranky, but insightful self.
Now, True Grit is strongly centered on my Faith, Protestant Christianity, and political/culture opinions, while keeping the themes of family and relationships. It gets eclectic, but I try to stay the course on the central pathway of finding “whatsoever is true”. I value integrity, magnanimity, and forthrightness. I hope I exhibit those same virtues, here. I tend to bite a bit when I see stereotyping based on false generalities, or if the presumptions are patently false.
Who is my target audience? You. I’m just in it for the conversation, folks. The door to this blog is open, so if you are interested keep me posted in your rss or bookmarks and come talk when you have the time and interest. To think and to instigate the same in others… that is the goal.

the name, TrueGrit:
I wanted something that related to my personality, my values and gardening. Simple enough. Grit is a growing medium, and truth is the desired outcome, plus there is just something gritty and basic about the Midwestern American persona…which I am saturated with. Down to earth, you know? It serves as a good analogy for what this blog stands for.


Who is Ilona?

That would be me. I am a fifty something woman. I am still raising my children, having had ten of them, and I just became a grandmother. I live in an old house, I have always lived in old houses, I garden when I can, I have too many irons in the fire, I’m sold on the benefits of homeschooling and home births. I’m just a homey kind of person. I’m very curious about things, and am a queen of trivia in my specialties. I’ve been called a know-it-all which describes my mode of delivery. Sorry, but that’s the reality, I don’t play dumb. I’m intense, but can’t keep up the intensity indefinitely. I love the coastal area of South Carolina- I found this out late in life. The ocean is a wonder. Really, I love all of nature. It inspires me, I think it is one of God’s classrooms. I digress, I free associate sometimes… I think and dream alot. I value truth, especially big T Truth.

I became a born again Christian in 1974, although …oh, here, read it. ~Written from the perspective of the time, in 1998, little did I know some of the vicissitudes ahead of me..

I wrote my testimony online, but I never finished the “continuation” for the simple reason that it was easy enough to record a sequential timeline of events leading to my conversion and almost impossible to make one once I “stepped into eternity”. It would be misleading to say, …and then God revealed this, or taught this, or this happened….. but blogging suits the day to day recording just fine. Here I am thirty odd years down the line, still following Jesus, still raising my children, still making an effort at ‘becoming’, things haven’t gone as I expected, but I am not sure what it was I expected to be truthful. I’m a woman…. like everyone else I am finding my way, and somewhere along the line I got the idea that I had some experience that might be helpful to someone somewhere. That is why I blog.

the name, Ilona


Things You Want To Know About Me

the voice of a Midwestern woman


INTP – “Architect”. Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

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