Adrian’s Blog asks: Are You an Influential Blogger?

In his post ‘Are You an Influential Blogger?’, Adrian Warnock lists some criteria of blogging influence. I liked it.

It turns your head around a bit if you give it the thought it deserves. In a way, we all influence the people we touch each day, and I don’t think we consider that so much (at least most of us don’t). How do we react to the clerk at the store? Who saw us speak gently/sharply to our children that day? In the way we influenced our children and spouse, who was touched by their resulting attitudes? The ripple is far larger than we like to think.

In the same way, we blog for influence. Some of us consciously, and some unconsciously, but whatever we place on a public page has potential. In fact, that is probably one of the more jarring wake-up calls I had as a denizen of the internet. Those people across the screen get affected by my words and moods and mistakes. Sometimes the feedback shows I really messed up someone’s day… and sometimes I really brightened it. We do have influence…. all the time, in ways we can’t truly quantify.

And I appreciated Adrian’s reminder today. It may not be a life changer, but line upon line reminders make an ultimate difference. And who knows whether today is the day that God speaks something big to someone through you?

We see it everyday in public persons. We name them role models, or we decry their detrimental effects, but we find examples to take notice of without even trying.

Fly in the ointment? How about the stinker actions of well-known journalists? What does that do to a lifetime of building reputation in a career. How sad to see, but do we take it to heart for ourselves?

Even small-time bloggers are reaching new people, people outside their usual scope. Basically, this was just an interesting line of thought for me today… it may not make me kinder and gentler, but it does encourage me to fine tune my focus on saying something that is true, something with weight rather than multiplying the fluff and noise.

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