In the interest of improving my blog I have done something advised by Nicolas Carvan, changing the name of my permalinks from numbers to links. If anyone has previously linked to a post on this blog that will mean a dead link. Apologies. It just seemed to make more sense that the link had meaningful identification.

I thought it was safe to do in light of the numbers of people ( cough) that visit this blog. Before the crush comes, you know. Heh! That was a funny 🙂 If I cared about numbers I would spend time working on my webpage which has built some decent numbers….. and which I will lose if I don’t start paying attention to it.

I can’t help it, though. I am just not very motivated by popularity and success. Or something…. laziness. That is probably closer to the truth. I did want people to know about the links, though.

Public service announcement over…. and out.