All The Day Long

I have been updating my computer. Blah… and double blah. Some of the updating is good and useful and some of it I am ready to pitch.
The good and useful:
I finally installed Firefox and started using it. I saw how pitiful my coding was for this page and tried to improve it. It’ll do til I change the layout.

I put in the Windows patch. This was the huge one that took my connection all night to download. Let’s put it this way…. I hope it is good.

To hear more of my blather…..

wishing I could pitch:
I upgraded the aol, although I am really planning on getting out of the aol whirlpool soon. I am just lazy about it. I don’t know how I feel about 9. optimized. It seems very bloated. It’s prettier than before.

All these updates and changes have had their snafus. Like altering and somehow not loading my anti-virus program. Which isn’t working as optimally now that I reloaded it.

And weird disconnection things…. and having to reconfigure stuff and changes to the drivers… and … suffice to say I have been chained to this monster and I am tired of it.

I just want things to work.