All The Fans Are Ready and Working

I don’t like election years, usually. I especially don’t like this one. At least in the last election there was a sense of purpose and passion. There were prayer groups who sincerely sought God’s best for the nation.

But this time around the stuff will just hit the fan and disseminate on everyone in landing distance. I expect the media to be full of it. If you catch the drift…..

And the non-news that is already presented: disappointment in bloggers being nothing more than journalist wannabes. That is simply another one of those observations that completely ignores the demographics of a subject to make a pseudo-piqued article. Maybe there is simply a problem of which ones are interested in covering the Democrats jublilate, or maybe there just isn’t that much to truly comment on -cogently, that is.

I wonder if part of the problem with having enthusiasm for this particular election is due to the fact that it seems primarily a vote on whether the Iraq policy was the best one, second guessing at its best, and whether it will be any different in the coming year, prognostication at its worst.

It is not as though a change in the president will change the set of difficulties that must be addressed in our Iraqi policy. Or the fact that it is extremely volatile no matter which way it goes.

I personally think that Bush quit himself well during the difficult time of the 911 crisis. I do not believe I would want to see Kerry in office if we faced that type of trial again. And as for making policy, do the Democrats really have something besides reactions against the going policy dujour? Do they ever have a consolidated pro-active plan of action? I tend to feel that Democrats of today are usually just looking for some problem to gripe about, not looking for a goal to accomplish.

Bush took the proactive stance of making a war on terrorism. I would concede that he may not have had the best advice and information, and perhaps other criticisms, but I am still unsure about the best direction to take in the coming years.

As a people, we seem unable to make up our minds and keep to a course. We want to, but then we get doubleminded. This is sure recipe for disaster.

I can’t even tell what the big questions are yet for this election. I do know that the Democrats haven’t offered this Independent any solutions with the present lather in the convention.

Seems like another soap-job to me.

And the Republicans seem intent on taking a bath. So I’d like to see us cut through the bubbles and get ready to work on what will strengthen us as a nation and allow us to find ourselves again. You know, the land of the Free and the Brave and all that. Finding the honorable and the compassionate, without losing the just, way to turn as a nation.

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