An Interesting Aspect

Dr. Sanity: The Power of Victimhood writes of using the oppression of women in “Islamofascism” against itself.

This is quite an interesting aspect, although I don’t think it would work if Western forms of feminism are used…. but I do think it would work in terms of what I would call ” consciousness raising”. I borrow that term from my former years in late sixty activism.

I’ve heard, Christian if I am not mistaken, writers decry the use of shocking photos and information being used to discourage abortion. Yet, what are they complaining about? Being faced with the painful truth. I think this would work with Muslim women, if they could be mobilized to insist on humane treatment for women everywhere throughout all Islamic countries. Perhaps this would work with Hindu’s also, although India is a much more open society, information-wise, than some Islamic countries. Because sometimes women are the perpetrators of the crimes against each other.

So it is to shift the momentum of women’s sympathies to helping one another to have a better place in their society, even if only for their children’s sake. We have seen this happen sporadically before.

This is a feminism I could get behind: compassion for the women and children of the world.

Anyway, it was an idea, an interesting one.

===oh wow. there’s more====

At SC&A I first came across someone who advocated ideas about Muslims that I would usually only find in White Supremicist groups in the U.S.

Since then I have looked at some things in the blogoshere, and I have added them together with other things I know… and friends, if we call ourselves Christian, then even if many of the observations are true, I must tell you the advocated manner of dealing with Muslims is an Anti-Christian one.

I’m not talking about politics, particularly.
Now I have to tell you of something I was reading, don’t I?
How immigrants think.

You know that part of the Bible that says the weapons of our warfare are spiritual?

It isn’t kidding. If we follow the natural mind and the hardline advice we are going to find ourselves standing contrary to Christ.

No man is beyond the reach of the Spirit of God. It is our business to walk godly, to be powerful in the spirit and to win souls for Christ… not through any force, intimidation, or retribution. Not through oppressions or castigations, not through any means of man.

But in wisdom, in prayer, in good works, in bold witness, in relying wholly upon our God will we win the war. The only war that counts: that within the heart.