Anchored To The Edge

The Anchoress


In To Kill A Mockingbird, when Scout asked him why he bothered defending Tom Robinson, knowing he would lose the case, Atticus Finch said, “Just because we’re licked a hundred times over doesn’t mean we should not try…”

Baldi wonders if Christians should stop blogging and just keep to prayer and contemplation.

Sometime ago I wrote a post on how I am chained to the edge. I have to push those boundaries, and this is something that gives longevity to maintaining the cause. Yet, there are different ways to maintain, and I think each person makes up their mind which pathway to take on this.

It does make one take account of what ones expectations are, though.

But couch potatoes shouldn’t expect me to go anywhere soon…. or my bad little two cents.. that keep turning up like, you know, a bad penny, or two.

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