And The Book Goes On….

oh. wait. That is the beat goes on. Now get that out of your head, if you can:)

Serendipity do dah…. After writing my last post I came across this, by Makiko. It seems she is suffering from this same sporadic reading syndrome. I wouldn’t have considered that it was internet related… but it could be. Interrrrrr-esting. ( Roll that r for the right effect).

I personally related it to the stress that I usually try to relieve by going online. Which sometimes exacerbates it. But whatever the cause, it does seem that it is harder to spend ones times with serious reading. And that would lead me to guess that there is less true critical thinking going on, as well. Since both require a mode of thinking that has more than two seconds of focus.

Just some guesses thrown out there; but it certainly would line up with my perception that people have less ability than ever ( as a general group) to think with clarity and reasoning. I think too many took the beer advertising of the past decade or so too seriously.

Shoot. That just starts me off in my general attitude that we have undermined our whole society with the most vacuous of ideals and philosophies. Just think about this while on the subject of books: What ever happened to the old saying, “you can’t tell a book by its cover”? Now that is all you get. The cover is the main thing, the all important image.

And in books …. are we all just salavering for Nero’s next circus? Are we spiraling upon each entertaining new age thought from one level to the next, while the fire waits for the fiddle.

Fiddle dee dee. I do go on, don’t I?

But you could think about it. In between the fiddle faddle and the cotton candy concessions.

…just me…. never mind.