Anti-Semitism-Checking the Temperature

Another case of Anti-Semitism in France is in the news.

It isn’t in all the headlines, but it is noteworthy to check on these markers in the worlds temperature of tolerance. Racism is often like a volcano…… it builds for quite a while before exploding in destruction. There is so much inflammatory rhetoric throughout the world concerning events in the Middle East that we are bound to see more activity like this. People’s fear levels build and terrorism brings the fear into people’s back yards – with feelings of helplessness. If we do not see how this builds pressures within society, and work actively to offset the prejudices it engenders, we could see it become a tragic force that has outbreaks in vulnerable sectors of society. Mobs attacking certain people of religious groups might not be relegated to African and Asian venues, anymore. Given the wrong fuel and enough triggers, the infection that France is experiencing could grow and spread.

We need to keep a check on the temperature and try to to bring that down. It is a sign that something is wrong. Look for the underlying causes and take care of it.