Apprenticed To Whom?

Being a pop culture-delayed person, I only recently viewed the Apprentice [ of “Your Fired!” fame], past season DVD.

Quite honestly I wasn’t interested, since Donald Trump does not appeal to me, but my husband brought home the DVD and I started watching. Surprise, not only did I find it eminently interesting, but we incorporated it into our homeschool program.

We are discussing the business mores, and finding where those things contrast and where they reflect principles found in the Word of God…especially in the practical advice of Proverbs.

It is a fruitful adventure thus far…. high interest, and good conversations.

And Donald Trump would like this… he is the king role in the model.


Another thing I have found about this experiment is that it makes me review my life choices quite a bit, and my style of relating to people more than a little bit. Who do I want to apprentice to? The easy Sunday-School answer is: Jesus. Of course, I mean that. That is what I most aim towards, but I have to review whether that is what my aim connected with.

Was I serious in my life with the goal of the high calling of God? Becoming as much like Jesus as possible? Did I get as close as was needed for Jesus being my mentor as well as my Savior? Honoring His Lordship in my life?

I haven’t given 100%. Why not? who was more important or what clouded my view ?

Things to think about.

Because this is sure one case of when I do not want to hear “You’re fired!”

…Know what I mean?