Artistic Renderings

I long ago released the ‘Artist’ description from my life resumé, it has been replaced with Aesthetically inclined. I don’t draw very much, although I would like to again.

Nowadays I play with computer graphics, etc. For those interested, this layout code was a free one from somewhere… I download lots to analyze and learn from, some to use, as is, and some for the ideas. I would code from scratch if it weren’t for the difficulty I still have with blogging code. Html and css I am comfortable with, but the MTcode still gives me the willikers. I mostly do my own graphics, just because it is easier than trying to find attribution.
The body background started out as a selection from a photo of marble. It got tiled, added brushes of the shell pic which were then lost in the texture filters, the gaussian blurs, and the wind filters. The sand background isn’t the best, but it was made from scratch. I choose the basic color, then noise, gaussian blurs and different experiments. The trouble is, that until tiled, you don’t really see the faults- it ended up the right color, though.

The shell pic started out as a base I made from a PSPbrush, then I liked it so well I cut it down and just used it as a picture. The header is selections from family photos with tape borrowed from the PSP frames and layered on, with a section of backgound and the word text.

I put things together in the Microsoft Frontpage to view the layout, but it is less than sastifying to work with. After I get it on the server, I find out lots of things that looked like they worked, don’t, even in IE.

then comes the obsessive tweaking.

I have huge numbers of bookmarks where I go for information on html and css, etc. I have a nifty free little program from Technology Lighthouse that helps me pick colors from the photos to use as font colors, etc.

Well, there you have it, reporting from inside the making of the site.

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