Assimilating Muslim Immigrants

I have stumbled upon an interesting turn of discussion over at SC&A, and by coincidence – or not so much since the discussion brought my sensors up- a related article over at Belmont Club. Addressing the problem of a group of immigrants with very different sets of values and philosophy from their extremely different teachings within their religion and culture, and how that threatens the expectations we have of our future in the West.

I think we should make genuine efforts at helping Muslims who have immigrated here to assimilate. To abide by the ideals and demands of a democratic system, and make the committment to become citizens in good standing. I think we should use the traditional means to do that: education, social influence, and opportunity.

But I also have an opinion that won’t go over so well with many. I am a Christian, and I believe we should evangelize the Muslim population. I think we should boldly share the gospel and offer the salvation in Christ Jesus. I think we should stop talking about how our system of freedom and form arose from the Christian values, teachings, and consensus…. and have a social experiment to prove it.

We -so far- have a free marketplace of ideas and freedom of religious expression. I believe it is time to utilize that…. the Islamic countries have been closed to other religions, forcefully closed, have oppressed and persecuted them mercilessly, so doesn’t it make sense that we share our ideals with those on our own soil that they may take back an influence of compassion and humaneness and tolerance to their own countries, or give testimony of it to their relations still under lock and key in those countries?

I think so.

Christianity is an evangelistic religion. It eschews force in its original form, and it encourages winning the hearts of men by serving them. But it is not quiet about it and not willing to “give the glory” to any other but the Lord.

Is Islam a threat? Only if you think your secularism is any match for it. Religious people want to know and understand God and that is the context of the point of intersection of discussion and of influence. Can Christianity hold its own in terms of presenting a viable alternative of life, thought, and good outcomes?

I say with confidence:”Let’s see”.

Belmont Club makes the case that demographics wins. I say there is more than one way to change the demographics.

update additional reading on the subject of Western Enlightenment vs. Radical Islam, Right Reason opines on Two Culture Wars. Discuss, anyone?

The conclusion I draw would be that the vitriolic hatred the Left has been developing for Christians, especially those they term “Christian Right” rationalizes their alliance with that unlikely comrade, Islamists.

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  1. I dropped out, started to get like crossfire, but wanted to say I appreciated where you were going.

  2. I tend to draw fire;) Thanks for stopping by with the words of encouragement.

    It is a problem that won’t go away and needs to be handled with an eye to history and a heart to the real goal of a country true to its values:freedom for all.

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