Babies Sleep- and other timeworn truths

babykins Here is a picture of my grandson sleeping- which he did alot of – but that would be misconstrued if one felt he didn’t inherit a good deal of knowing right well what he wants!

I have returned from my extended time in Arizona…watched my grandson fill out, shared some of his quiet alert times and some of his “I’m going to cry-LOUD!” times. And, before I left, he turned over. But I don’t have pictures of that;)

If you are interested in this part of my life and experience I will post things in the Woman to Woman blog when I can fit it in. Lots of catching up to do around here… and I don’t mean the blogs.

3 thoughts on “Babies Sleep- and other timeworn truths”

  1. He is precious! My wife always likes the smell of newborns. Like they’re dusted by angel wings, or something.

    Welcome back!

  2. Thanks, Brian! I think your wife has it perfectly right… and with poetical eloquence 🙂

  3. THAT is a gorgeous baby! How on earth did you ever tear yourself away? Maybe it was one too many LOUD moment?

    I love the way babies smell. and I love rubbing their wee little heads against my cheek. And then they get bigger and fun in other ways – like wrestling and stuff.

    Congrats, Grandma!

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