Back At Home

We went to a youth conference this week. The kids loved it, and since they are reading their bible more upon arriving home, I think it probably did some good. It gave me a chance to have some talk time with them, rarer since they have entered that early teen stage of angst-ridden separation anxiety that they seem to hit between 13 to 16. They want to talk to you, their parent, and they don’t – at the same time.

I took along my laptop, but discovered I need more concentration to blog than the hectic schedule of running around a conference gives.

The food was fast food fattening type – so I will have to pay attention to better choices (read low fat and raw foods) this week. I hate watching my weight.

The questions ( a theme of the conference) I walked away with are: what sort of influence do I hold? And what influences me?

Ever think about what influences you?