Bad Boys Bad Boys

Sometimes I just like ’em. I cover my mouth when I laugh at the obstreperous way they say things, sometimes I agree with them and sometimes not, but when I get what they are saying ( which often takes quite awhile) they leave me laughing.

Two opposite sides of the spectrum:

The Therapist and The Heretik ….. caution if you’re easily offended. Like I said they can be naughty.
As per the Rooftop Blog, people continue to get angry about politics addressed in Church. Especially conservative politics addressed in Church, but I’m not sure who qualifies as a bad boy in that. I suppose that because conservatives tend to be…well, conservative about neo-traditional circumstances. I say neo, because there never used to be problems in such Church venues about addressing Abolition or Temperance or things like that.
But that is how some of the discussion on Justice Sunday is stacking up.

I don’t love politics in Church, but then I tend to expand that dislike to the brand of American Nationalism that many just love. I don’t have a problem with lapover, but I feel distinctly uncomfortable when there is real encroachment in each others proper areas. My closest agreement seems to be with Parableman, who is not a bad boy at all.

Not that I am making moral statements here ppl.

2 thoughts on “Bad Boys Bad Boys”

  1. Welcome, NYGirl 🙂 How strong is your opinion on that? Total?

    It would just about delete a major component of almost all the major social reform of importance of the last couple centuries…. but who’s thinking about that?

    I think the reason that people think one could even do that is due to the idea that religion is just a corner of ones life and easily boxed up and put out of the way.

    But if you mean it shouldn’t be politics as usual front and center at Church- I would agree with you on that.

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