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Here is the Nitty Gritty of True Grit:

Revisit Old Grit

The Father’s Blessing

The Story of Joseph Chiwatenhwa

Religious Grit

Why Christ Had To Die

What is Christianity?

Answering Atheism

Logical Conclusions for Deists

Barna Deconstructed: change in the Church

Examining Islam

A Life Lesson
A Christian’s Response

Cultural Grit

Which Side Are You On? cultural faultlines

Black Social Experiment

Writing Grit

Why I Want Your Blog

The Good Blog

Importance of Words

Family Grit

things I learned from my children

life in a large family

life changes

Twixter: Yuppy Hothouse Produce

Tis the Season: 10 book choices for children

Homosexual Marriage

Mommy and Daddy Grit

The Mommy Wars

Family Planning ( Quiver Full )

Inner Grit

Christians, Your Vision Is Too Small

In Defense of Mercy

Expectations and why Christians get slamdunked

Ebenezer: place of renewal

Christmas Holidays: thinking out loud

Really Old Grit:

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