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I cook a pretty good turkey, if I do say so… and this recipe with gorgeous pics from The Doc is a winner, I can tell. The method I do a bit differently is take the long way of buttering the skin. I cut tiny slices in the skin (without piercing the flesh) and insert bits of butter. The flavorings used here are unique to me, and worth trying. I’ve used apple in the stuffing, but never tarragon. Usually I use good ol’ poultry seasoning along with salt and cracked pepper.

I cheated on the gravy this year and did a sour cream ( easier for me, but oh-my-the-calories). I like the same kind of turkey he recommends (natural never frozen-fresh) and second the fact that the ‘ free range turkey’ tends to be dry. My husband nixed it for this year.

I am iffy with gravy some years, but this year was good- I add Hungarian paprika to the gravy- ’cause that is how I like it. Kind of Paprikash turkey. heh. I don’t know that I would do that with tarragon flavor.

Also I don’t flip the turkey, I do manufacture my own little aluminum foil tent. I’m afraid I would flip that bird right onto the floor. I baste often-just because it makes me feel so virtuous and I get to inspect the browning, always adding broth when it needs it.

Wow, I love a finely done turkey.

If you’d like my recipe on how to do this turkey roasting, see my recipes in my link.

Thanksgiving Turkey with All the Trimmings

If you want a masterful post on cooking a perfect Bird:

The Doctor Is In: ‘Doin da Bird’

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try that, but I’m not a confident cook with frying anything. Youmust own one of the turkey fryer contraptions, right?

    I wondered how often a person would use it.

  2. They’re great! All the “house burnings” come as a result of carelessness. Outdoor fryers (which you can use for anything fryable-chicken, fish and so on) average about $20-$40 from what I’ve been seeing, depending upon the gadgets you want with it. Mine has almost none.

    Here’s an easy way to avoid oil spills, which are what lead to fires and entries on America’s Funniest Videos:

    Put the turkey you expect to cook into the fryer using the doohickey that comes with it that allow you to lower the turkey into the pot.

    Fill the pot with water to 1/2 inch over the turkey.

    Take the turkey out of the pot making sure to allow the water to run back in.

    Mark the water line on the outside of the pot with an erasable marker.

    Dump the water and dry out the pot.

    Fill with oil to the waterline, and unless it was a 67 pound mutant turkey, that oil ain’t gonna rise out of the pot while it’s cookin’.

    Fry that sucker! 🙂

    This is also a great way to fry fish and not make the kitchen smell like you just came in off the lake.

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