Bizarre Religion Giving Christianity a Bad Name

Sine Qua Non: One Man’s Chrstianity is Another Man’s Voodoo

Do people even know the characteristics of Christianity? It’s tenets and doctrines? More and more the answer is no. While Christians debate whether hymns or contemporary music are “Christian” – the culture around them could care less and have a reduced body of information on what Christianity is about. They don’t even know if it is about Jesus anymore thanks to such as the Presbyterian Church.

What is Christianity? Whatever you want it to be, sister.

And so, I came across this post @ Sine Qua Non, and it sparked my interest because I had googled muti killing a couple days previously to satisfy some curiosity on news coming out of the UK on some child killings and the many gone missing in the African immigrant sector.

Charles Austin of SQN seems at a loss for how fundamental church and muti killings along with witchcraft and exorcisms of the most bizarre types are hooked up.

There is lots we don’t know, folks…. but I would say that Christians need to do a better job of defining just what Christianity represents if this is something that gets taken seriously. I think we should take some lessons from the Jewish culture on how to handle “The protocols of Zion” types of misinformation that grows into a complete social theory. Social fact checking, that’s what we need.

the original news story, This is London News

More about muti killing

Grisly killings supply S. African body parts demand

“These so called “muti” murders – killings to obtain body parts for supposedly potent traditional cures – still happen with alarming regularity in post-apartheid South Africa, says Gerard Labuschagne, head of a police unit devoted to investigating the country’s most bizarre crimes.”

General background:
Religions of Sub-Saharan Africa

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