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Beth’s Blog: Blogher Shoes & Feet

I’ve been looking through some of the blogging on this conference when I came upon this. Are these FAB feet or what? Now I know that if I ever attend a blog conference, number one on the list of things to do before traveling will be “pedicure” and “have cute shoes”.

Just so I am prepared 😉 It sounded like lots of fun, but I haven’t found the info I so want to know about: what they said about flames and stuff. I read a tantalizing side comment on the blog of Rox Populi :

Suck It Up

“To me, it seemed there was an inordinate amount of whining about flamers, trolls, etc. at Blogher. And I think this is why the fellers believe the girls aren’t up for the “food fight inherent in blogging.” ”

… and if you look at some of the transcripted chat, it seems that there are streams of thought that highly differ as to just what flaming really consists of and whether it is ok or not.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the shoes — I had some much fun live blogging and got a lot out of the conference. It is a must attend in my book!

  2. I loved them! It certainly relayed the fun to those of us reading 🙂

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