Blog Names

There are some blog names I wouldn’t be caught dead with…. and why:

  • Bad Mother way too close to my angst ridden self-doubts
  • She Who Will Be Obeyed and all those like this. Everyone complains that this is me… so another one too close to the truth, or the truth as someone somewhere might see it (no, I don’t own this)
  • Queen of All Evil I am a fundamentalist… you see all the problems involved in this, right?
  • Baldilocks male pattern baldness runs in my family…. can anyone say self-prophecy?
  • Grouchy Old Cripple oh yes. I know some fellow bloggers that would have lots of fun at my expense with this one….. why hand a grenade to your , um, opposition?
  • I Am Always Right you don’t have to read very far before you discover that I hope to be, but I just can’t stick my foot in my mouth quite that far. I guess I put on too many years for that sort of bravado…..
  • Just a Girl sometime after, oh I don’t know, 29?, it would just elicit a short laugh and shaking of the head…..
  • The Llama Butchers what if the word got out to my neighbors? I live rural, and I just don’t think they would understand… or, wow, maybe they would
  • Arguing with Signposts I think I do this. Do I want others to suspect?
  • Is Full of Crap only people with real wit and sense of humor and really sharp comebacks can pull this one off…I’m out

I wanted to turn this into linky love…. but then I would probably get called names or something. Maybe later, but have you ever thought of what sort of blog names appeal to the who of who you are? I mean after you’ve already chosen a few?