Blog Sleep, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

 sleeping dogThe good thing about letting a blog go to sleep for a long time is that it has a chance to get clarified. Actually it is your own mind as a writer that goes through that refining process. After a good long while, you ask yourself the question, should I wake it up? Or should I let sleeping dogs lie…. ?

It isn’t as simple as that, though, if I am honest. I have asked myself the questions numerous times, in a sequence of phases.

Refine, Eliminate

The first phase was elimination. The things I didn’t want to write about, the topics I tired of, and the inevitable decisions about cutting out the unnecessary.

I became disgusted and tired of the political wars and polarities that could no longer be bridged. The futility of religious arguments that ran through the same old ruts, and writing about the newest and coolest became utterly  boring. Cut | Cut | Cut.

I cut from my thinking and my conversation, and certainly cut from my writing.

Road To [Some Destination]

trailThis was the second phase. Deciding the destination.

We all have choices in which way to point ourselves, and the purpose of a blog is no different. We may not have complete control over life’s conditions, but we can decide which way we will position ourselves.

I almost spoke of “acts”, but we can’t always decide that. We can, however, take a view or attitude about life’s conditions.

The Power of the Positive

This phase, for me involved the increased position of the positive. In fact, the more negatively life (and the people involved)  has impacted me, the more important it has become to entertain the positive view.

This attitude shift has resulted in wanting to write different topics in different ways than the blog had previously manifested.

The destination has changed, or maybe I had detoured and am returning to the original intent? Possibly, I have discovered the intent that was buried inside the concretions of my life when first blogging.

Today, understanding rather than opining is more important to me. I used to want to be humble, and right, but now humility comes from the realization of how very wrong I could be. In mode, if not in view.

I say ” I just don’t know” so often, at this point.  That would be very boring, if not for the fact that it leads me to explore more thoughtfully, now.

Creativity Needs Sleep to Survive

get more sleepSomething every creative person experiences is the need to rejuvenate the juices of inspiration. The body needs rest, but so does the inner man.
How many times do we experience a project bogging down, and its revival after leaving it alone for awhile? I have that regularly happen in many things: making art, writing, self-improvement, problem-solving, learning a new computer program.

This Blog

I liked a lot of what went into this blog in the past. The thinking out of theology or what went on in society. Looking at family life, and roles, etc. And there have been numerous times I thought I would like to record the thoughts I am having about some of this stuff now.

What I like about putting these posts into a sleeping blog is that there is no pressure of an audience, just the pure creative desire to record the thinking process about matters of importance in my perspective at the time.

Updates Will Come

One thing I noticed when evaluating this blog is that many of the old style posts: short, sending attention to links or other blogs (many of which are defunct now) are superfluous and need culling.  Eventually, re-arranging old categories and other blog housework seems in order. But mostly, I will just add posts on topics that interest me, from time to time.

Let’s see where it goes.