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We’ve heard it in the MSM/ journalism context… but it is spreading to the Christian/ MSM context as well, it seems.

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See, there is a certain segment within the power brokers of Christianity that do not want you to have your voice because your voice and views is a threat to their pocketbooks. The fact that a ‘nobody’ (I do not mean this derogatory, but as a description of how they view people like me) can revolutionize the world through the open media of the Internet scares the established big boys. Spencer says it clearly when he stated:

“It’s in perceiving just how threatened some persons in the Christian blogosphere are that I’ve realized ordinary bloggers, persistently sticking to their guns, turning out content, bringing good stuff every week, can have an impact that matters. Radio. Television. Big churches. Christian Publishing. They don’t control us or what we think anymore. The phenomenon of the internet has leveled the playing field and overwhelmed the experts and “official spokespersons” with other voices speaking things that didn’t use to ever be heard.

Do pastors of large churches like the fact that now a dozen blogs in their own church will analyze the sermon? Do major authors like the fact that thousands of bloggers will review their books? Do the custodians of orthodoxy like it that a million bloggers can take the conversation wherever they want it to go? Some will, and some won’t. Either way…blog on… “

oh wow…shades of the Reformation! What happens when the common man gets ahold of the microphone?

Question: did putting the Bible into the common tongue result in the collapse of the Church as was feared? Did it result in the chaos prophesied?

In some ways, yes it did. But was this needed and useful?

I think so. I think it is time we made up our minds that we are not afriad of truth. Even when truth threatens our house of cards.

Because, after all, our building on our own is but a foundation of sand, no matter how gorgeous and impressive the visible structure.
Truth is the foundation of rock. Truth can withstand questions, doubtings, criticisms, and debates.

Truth, in the final account, is not to be resisted.

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  1. Off topic, maybe. But maybe not.
    I’ve always felt that once is an event, twice is a trend. I may have picked up on a trend toward compiling lists of subversive reading. That’s sort of like pirating, don’t you think? Only upside down in a way. When the common man gets a megaphone, the people in charge try to take it away.
    Check out the list of dangerous books I found.

  2. Actually that was the feeling I kept getting when reading this. It is sort of a different view of the concept of pirating as we usually think of it…. and I will certainly look at your list.

    Arming me for my next library visit?

    And do you realize how all this vocabulary flags my site?

  3. [Regeneration comes after the imputed righteousness that allows for interaction with God is applied.]

    I agree completely. My question still maintains of when exactly this imputation of righteousness occured.

    [Man could never start over on his own, this is why the imputation of righteousness in Christ is so important. There had to be a satisfying of justice, and a place for faith to begin. The passage explains this:
    “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”]

    I have never really thought of it as this; rather, I have never worded it as such. ‘There had to be a satisfying of justice, and a place for faith to begin.’

    I like that.

    Although do we not normally consider the satisfying of justice to be that act of Jesus’ sacrifice upon the cross? And do we not normally consider our faith to begin in Christ? What then hinders me from saying that not only the satisfying of justice and the beginning of faith but the imputation of righteousness (which I would say is synonymous with the satisfying of justice) occured at the same time [as opposed to different scattered periods throughout history,] that time being upon the cross?

    [Faith is imputed by the vehicle of faith- which results in regeneration.]

    I understand you corrected this; good, I was thoroughly confused. Although, you make the statement that righteousness is imputed by the vehicle of faith; may I ask for Scripture? You point to John three, yet I need you to be more specific please.

    Also, I like how you use ‘free moral agency’; what are your reasonings for doing so? May I ask if this ‘free moral agency’ belief of yours discredits the belief in ‘freewill’ or ‘freechoice’ as it would commonly be called? How do you make the distinctions?

  4. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t sure you would pay attention to my comment. I feel like continuing… so I’ll make a blogpost:)

    Yes, I left a very bad typo- the kind where I didn’t put my thought coherently… I relapsed on previewing.

  5. Good post, Ilona. My husband and I were discussing your Question just a couple nights ago!

    BTW, have you been reading C. S. Lewis’ ‘A Grief Observed?’ He talks about a “house of cards”…

  6. Ilona, I believe that both the reformation and putting the Bible in the common tongue was necessary. Call it a reshaping of the world to match a spiritual truth; we must each accept God on our own before we can participate in that second and greater life.

    Man (and his earthly constructs) can err. So if the church, which is supposed to be the body of God, begins to operate in such a way that it denies the faithful the knowledge of God, the earthly church will be corrected.

  7. bonnie, sorry so late in responding ( see snafu post).

    I have not read all of CS Lewis work, so no- the only things I read were Problem of Pain and Mere Christianity.

    I would be curious to have been a fly upon the wall during that conversation;)
    MoM, I agree it was vital, but it did have some of the very fallout that the dire prognosticators argued it would. I think that goes to show that changes and freedoms have their downside but they are necessary to progress and growth.

    It is always a fine balance between order and the chaos of new changes.

    “the earthly church will be corrected” I think this truth proves the veracity of God’s scriptures. It does have the power to correct.

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