Books Galore

Sozo, a good read himself, has tagged me with a book meme.

Total books owned, ever : I have a floor to ceiling bookcase, boxes of books, bookcases upstairs, piles of books in my room…. I have no idea how many I own, or how to count the ones I’ve given away ( I always give the best away:”you have to read this, here….”) I confess that I have huge numbers of childrens books….. multiple copies of A Wrinkle In Time, The Hobbit, ….

Last book I bought : 1.Tales of Edisto by Nell S Graydon ( beach reading;)
bought on a whim

2.The Lord of the Rings (the really beautifully illustrated one -trilogy in a single volume)
by J.R.R. Tolkien
bought deliberately

Last book I read :
the book I bought for the beach…

Five Books that mean a lot to me :

* the Bible ..the one necessary book for me
* the Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer,
* three small ones: The Lord of The Flies, Les Rhinosceros, Tale of Three Kings
* Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend
* The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Tag 5 people :
no, no, no…ok.

Matt, Rodney ( and see his fab new look !),John of Hootsbuddy.

That last appellation almost sound like a Renaissance name, doesn’t it? For a Renaissance man;)

It is too hard to choose any more, just 3.
I would love to see what’s on their bookshelves.

4 thoughts on “Books Galore”

  1. I wish I had more time to read. As it is, I have a pile of books I’d lIKE to get to, that sit there calling me wistfully…

  2. Tag. Hmm.
    I never did one of these. I’ll think about it. At least it’s not one of those alphabet things that I skip over when I find them. Posting later…

  3. John…if I can be a joiner… but really I am genuinely interested in your list of books
    . Consider it a public service;)

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