Bringing It Home

Oh boy. I am about to spread out the discussion on what might, at first seem like an internecine Christian discussion on family size. It has components of many of the cultural clashes that concern women.

Mommy Wars will probably ignite from the ashes, because there are factors of feminist ideology. It is proving to be a topic with tentacles. What, you say?

Quiver Full, a fairly inconsequential and inconspicuous set of premises concerning family planning and attitudes.

It started -for me- at Marla’s, then she reinitiated the discussion @ Intellectuelle where a robust conversation ensued. In backtracking, this has been a live topic for while amongst some conservative Christian women. I found some of the best posts @ Chief Executive Mom, Semicolon, and Three Pennies has some.
A short list of ideas that might be found in this philosophy (which I like better than calling it theology).

  1. We made the decision to turn our fertility over to the Lord.
  2. God says that motherhood is exalted above everything else/Parenting is the highest calling given to mankind.

I will add more and flesh out the questions, but publish this to give you reading time if you’re interested in the topic. Plus I have to gather some rather far-reaching thought patterns together…..then I’ll be ready for primetime.


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4 thoughts on “Bringing It Home”

  1. I am looking forward to more of your thoughts on this subject. I’ll read the articles when I have the time. In a quick glance at the first few articles, I have not seen anything that would pressure someone who is not inclined to this choice–but I’ll see what the rest of the articles have to say.

    My husband and I have been letting the Lord plan our family size (personal conviction and desire), but we aren’t “QF” as has been described on some of the other blogs you mentioned, so I have felt misrepresented and frusterated.

    I’d love to respond in writing to some of what they’ve said, but I’m not very good with words or typing–I’d rather have a spoken conversation.

    Again I have appreciated your thoughts on other blogs and look forward to hearing what you have to say here.

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