But I Just Want A Devotional…

Should Christians talk about issues, controversial social problems? Should they involve themsleves…their minds with the ‘what’s happening” in the world? Depends.

There are two main points that tend to come up when Christians talk about pornography. One is that it is so bad…everyone wants to pretty much agree that iit is bad. For someone else. There is a definite hide your head in the sand response.

The other response is to get politically activated: squelch the feed stations for it.

But do either reponses adequately deal with the fact that addiction to pornography is a problem for many Christian men?

And that doesn’t even deal with the fact that while not all men have addiciton, there are more than a few that see nothing wrong with a little porn in their life. So what is the Christian basic stance on this? Is a little OK? Or is that part of what is tearing apart marriages to the tune of divorce statistics in the Christian Community becoming top on the charts?

The usual reply that Christians like to give: The devil made me do it…. in forms of television is so bad, clean up the stations…. internet is so bad….let’s advise that Christians stay away from the internet…or trust little watchdog programs or something else equally ineffective.

Why are Christians vulnerable to the influx of the world’s offal?

I know churches that advise more programs and activities for the very purpose of giving Christians something else. That is right, it is the same parental view as keeping the kids too busy to get into trouble.

but they get into trouble, anyway…why is that?

What’s your theory?