Calming Down

I’ve calmed down a bit, but I really think there’s a problem, Houston.-figure of speech-

What jerks us around so much? Some is the media, but we are so attuned to it. And we take so much for granted in our insular American culture. Like it is so important to have the latest news, and know the latest fads, and all be on the same witty page..saying outrageous things.

Well, I’m no better than anybody else, but I do get a little concerned and somewhat embarrassed about it. Shouldn’t we (I) know better? Should. Do. Yet, I get on the same donkey cart. Woo-hoo!

Now that I’ve run through my cliches I will tell you that the blog will go silent for a short time in the coming week. Oh yes… family sabbatical, otherwise known as vacation. Much needed.

I should read an interesting book, but I don’t know if I will… I was thinking of getting something on basic php. How boring is that? OR I could get something controversial….. OR I could do something more family friendly. That sounds good. I have another blog cooking to take the place of Spiced Tea, which hardly anyone knows about. I don’t know what to call it, though.

OK, question. What makes a blog interesting to you? Can you really quantify it? I have been trying to find new blog venues because I tend to stay on the same ones with the same narrow scope. I have been trying to “branch out” …you can let me know your thoughts if you like. I’d like to know.

Please, like Bernard Higgins of certain slant of light ( and John Ballard previously in another post),leave a comment on where I can find your comment to the question and next week I will track you all down and do a compilation post! Links for you, interesting fodder for me, good stuff for readers- we all win:)

I’ll start it with those two and add to it as I go along….. perhaps make it the “post that won’t go away” HA- so a propos to my personality.

5 thoughts on “Calming Down”

  1. ILONA,

    Your question deserved an answer — at least one “Comment” left at your site — and you’ll find mine at my site, posted today. I do hope others get off the dime and give you some additional responses. I remain a faithful reader of yours!

  2. I can’t quantify it with precision. A blogger is interesting when a blogger writes not to please or be sensational, but about whatever really interests him or her.

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