Catching up: Francis Schaeffer

A little late making the rounds on my blogroll, but Bonnie, who will soon pilot the Intellectuelle group of bloggers, had a post on the 50th Anniversary of L’Abri, Saturday. This linked to Challie’s retrospective post authored by Rick Pearcey.

I didn’t read much of Francis Schaeffer until after some years of being a Christian. Then I read everything I could get my hands on and finally bought the 5 volume set of his Complete Works. As well as a couple small volumes written by his wife, Edith. The Schaeffers are authors I agree with to an almost 100% extent. It is unusual to find that much agreement when the topics covered are some of the knottiest conundrums for modern Christians.

I think the primary aspect of Schaeffer is that he was authentic, and he consciously maintained that authenticity, as a man and as a Christian. It is something I deeply admire.

If you read these posts, you might consider some things such as how difficult it is to maintain ones core integrity in modern life. It is assaulted all the time, but you might pick up some key points on how this is done by reading over accounts of L’Abri, the Schaeffer’s ministry. One last observation. You will find small places where it is stated tht without Edith serving in the background L’Abri would not have been what it was. It supported the intellectual cultivation with supporting “womanly arts’. That is, if you read her books, on family and homemaking, you will see the connection between civilization’s structure and the importance of women. I do think it is just that important.

And I will give any feminist a run for her money in the debate. History in the making in on my side when I maintain how important women who manage the homes, and take care of their children are to the very fabric of all the rest. All the rest of society is woven upon that weft.

So, while the philosophical explanations of Francis Schaeffer are of extreme importance in my thinking, the background is their homelife. This is probably more of an introduction to topic than the ending place. I will push pause, for now, but at the risk of becoming a book store here, I recommend these books highly.

Francis Shaeffer Complete Works

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