…baptism whatever else it is, is a sign of the New Covenant…
~R.C. Sproul

Thought for The Day

But just as I climb onto my hobby-horse of disgust and judgmentalism, the gospel of grace dismounts me, and I find the freedom to ask myself these questions: How am I just like James and John? When do my words, attitudes and choices contradict the very gospel that I love and defend? Whose incredulity meter am I forcing into overdrive? Those who live with me… those who work with me? Those who taste my impatience when I’m behind a steering wheel? Those who overhear my idle chatter and self-indulgent banter in any of a number of settings? Those most exposed to my unbelief, my fears, my rudeness, my driven-ness, my insincerity, my irritability?

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Improve Writing and Grammar

I found a site that I think is very helpful. I started out looking at the page on adjectives and then discovered the entire site. It is chock full of information written in an accessible way. Good for both students and homeschool moms who put together their own studies.
Guide to Grammar and Writing

New Mind

(the “growth” mindset) holds that we’re all works in progress. That there’s a lot we can do to get more intelligent, more creative, more talented. These (and virtually all) qualities are more like software. They can be updated, debugged, recoded, and improved.

-Sonia Simone

Do Everything Faster

“Despite what people think, the discussion about speed is never really about the current state of technology. It goes much deeper than that, it goes back to the human desire for transcendence.”

-Mark Kingwell quoted in ‘Just Do It Faster


“…who are ‘leaders who walk with a limp’ today, and why is it a critical Vineyard value?

Is it all-night prayer warriors? Perhaps, in part. Is it leaders who are desperate for God’s blessing, and willing to grasp hold of him until he delivers? Maybe, to some extent (although not in the ‘deal or no deal?’ terms Jacob originally proposed in 28:20-22). Or is it leaders whose character has been changed, who have utterly surrendered to God, letting go of self-reliance as their primary resource, and repenting of all scheming and manipulation in the work of the Kingdom? I think so. And particularly so where that character development, that battle of the will, has been a long and painful process in someone’s life, like wrestling all night, such that the scars of the fight are evident.

I submit that this is what it means to “have struggled with God and with men and [to] have overcome.”

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If I forget you….

Wiesel wrote that “For me, the Jew that I am, Jerusalem is above politics. It is mentioned more than 600 times in Scripture – and not a single time in the Quran.”

What? Me Worry?

Learn from the mistakes of others because you’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself.

— Alfred E. Neumann

Reality Shift

You know that feeling you get when your personal Earth shifts? Maybe you were just broken up with or found out about an infidelity or someone close to you dies. You look around and people are still driving their cars and going to work and laughing and basically going about their lives. The world looks really weird from broken eyes. The scene doesn’t line up with your reality.

~Hurricane Tankersley

Doing the Government Math

“Government, on the other hand, takes One Dollar, and redistributes something less than one dollar, as it must pay the costs to keep the bureaucracy running. In other words, one dollar investment results in less than a dollar’s worth of benefit.”
– Ocean Guy

Why government as a business is a losing proposition.