Starting Off Blogging Right!

No, not politically right, but in tune with resolutions to improve my blogging and keep on top of resurrecting blog efforts such as TrueGrit, etc. I wrote a little report on a few changes I made in my wordpress sites. This site and the garden website Ilona’s Garden, are my earliest efforts at blogging with the wordpress platform. I have many posts accumulated from years of writing, so the sites have gone through many changes in templates, plugins, etc.

In keeping with the new year I have worked hard to improve the blog experience by getting the sites to run more smoothly… as well as slowly starting back into more posting (such as this). In the WebHelp blog I decided to post tips and helpful things that relate only to those who are running their own sites. Little tips and leads to save time and effort.

The latest is my report on new Favorite WordPress Plugins . For those which work well I intend to implement on all my wordpress installaitons. And some of the ones I listed I am super happy with.

Changes Ahead

Again. This time I am going to change my theme into one that I hope to be able to use long term. The reason to alert readers is because it looks like things will be disrupted a bit and it might look strange for the time it takes me to iron things out. I finally paid some money for a theme so that it would have support and be flexible for the future.

Then I will start writing more here again.

Again, So Soon?

See? toldja. Actually I just wanted to relate that I found an answer to why the blog was having so much trouble last month. Mtekk, a supergeek on reported that there were attacks to the server system. Explanation. I suppose I didn’t need to change the template or clean up some of my junk off the front page, but it is better in the long run…

so it wasn’t you, and not much of me.. it was internet nasties.

Upgrading WordPress

On my garden website I had wordpress platform, but it was an old version… so I intrepidly ventured into doing the upgrade. I experimented with a blog that didn’t matter- which is good because I did run into some snafus. I got it to upgrade easily, finally, after a couple tries and much troubleshooting , including the cp directory [you have to get rid of all the files except the few that are allowed], but when I did the main site, oops.

Yes, oops, and I have worked on it all day. All day, and horribly hot one at that. Anyway, I finally got the permalinks to work, but not until I put them in default ( the ugly links mode). I really need to remedy that problem,and I had reversed the order of the posts so the older ones were first, but I had forgotten what code changes had allowed for that. so I found a different work-around, but it isn’t as good. Bah. There isn’t anything good about doing this much tedium with ones life. I hope not to have to upgrade for a long while.

The surprise side of blogging

Here is a post whose time has come: not just about the blogging- the design or the content, but the fact that blogging at its best is interactive. Perhaps you have to stay somewhat small to really have this factor in as an important part of your blogging, but at some point bloggers find themselves nodding their heads as they read “Lorelle on WordPress” as she writes her thoughts on comments.

I breathed a deep sigh after reading her post: “She understands”. I personally need that sort of connection every once in awhile.

Lorelle on WordPress » Helping you learn more and do more with WordPress
Comments on Comments

“Comments change how you write and what you write.

….People could question what I said. They could make me think and reconsider my point of view.

…The biggest change on the Internet in the past three years is the “we” factor. We’re not just interconnected with links, we are now having a dialog with each other. We make recommendations on what to read and write about. We share our thoughts and opinions.”

The Nitty Gritty Page

That is the name of the page, on this site, which is supposed to be a collection of my better posts divided by topics. That is mostly what I was busy with today.

Right now, it doesn’t show up in the navigation bar in this squible theme, which also has it’s own visual problems.

…. it’s always something;)