Advocate For The Ordinary

Just as in the last post,Life is like That , I am taking up the banner of the ordinary, or at least what we deem as the ordinary in our lives. The main reason for this is the ordering of our priorities, in both our attention and valuing of people, which get a jumbled set of standards. We would be less regretful in life if we could just straighten out those priorities.

When thinking about this I often am reminded of the “Death of a Salesman” play. You live your life by certain rules based upon accepted values, and it makes all the difference in both temporal and eternal outcomes. At the end of your life, how much regret you have incurred is often directly related to the accuracy of that moral compass you chose for yourself. Continue reading Advocate For The Ordinary

Life Is Like That

It is so boring going through the grind of getting things right in the background of the blog, isn’t it? The struggles that one has when working within the guts of the templates, or adding in features, …or any of that stuff. It is just not the sexy stuff of rants and opinion making. But life is full of “daily”s and the daily grind is a common cliché which highlights that fact. It takes time to get things in order and running smoothly. I find that endeavor is very underrated. I have been guilty of under rating it as much as anyone. Housework? Meal planning? Household hints? Frugal economics? Hospitality ideas? What are those in the world full of politics, crises…. the important things?

No one misunderstands the importance of the mundane as much as the bright minds of society. We – to whatever degree we do this- bright-minded or not, are the Marie Antoinettes of misconceptions in this area. We buy into the false dichotomy of proletariat versus bourgeois cum nouveau-aristocrat. How’s that for a jumble of labels? We talk of a Donna Reed, faux fifties model of woman, replacing her with the new Stepford wife of super intelligent “let them eat McDonald’s” career women of now. Just as false. Continue reading Life Is Like That

To Thine Own Self Be True

I had always thought that was a self-idolizing maxim. I felt it was in opposition to all that the call of the cross represented, but in the context of some things I am slowly facing … I have to look again at the idea within that piece of the world’s wisdom.

How often are we misguided in our walk as Christians, or for the common experience of humanity, by untrue representations of us, of our goals or abilities? How much of our life is wasted in meeting others expectations; expectations that are so incongruent with who we are and how we are made and what it is we are best pursuing in life? How much is clearly ignoring God’s plan and message to us personally? How much is substitution of confusing stereotype and dead-end thinking?
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Insane Drummers: more on giftedness

This is a bit of my story on why the topic of adult giftedness so hooked me.

The title is borrowed from Laura Young, who put it so succinctly:
“What happened to them once they hit adulthood?

Well, it turns out, a lot of them have felt a bit out of step with their peers and have been fluctuating between trying to force themselves to be normal by shutting themselves down and berating themselves(“But everyone else seems so happy. What’s wrong with me?”) and not giving a rip (“Screw it. I’m the smartest one here. Too bad I’m not smart enough to hide it. Fire me, go ahead, this place is whacked anyway.”) In short, that leaves a lot of people (Jacobsen estimates between 5-10% of the population) feeling lonely, confused, wracked with self-doubt, irritable, questioning, stalled, inconsistent, frustrated and wondering if the drummer they have been desperately trying to march to is, well, insane.”

What really has complicated all this is that as a Christian I should have made faster, greater progress on this. At least that is what I have been telling myself for years.
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