Childhood Messages

I have been considering those childhood messages:

You are wanted.
You are loved for yourself.
You are seen for who you are.
Your needs are not a problem
You are safe.
You will be taken care of.
You will not be betrayed.
Your presence matters.

And I am trying to come up with a plan of implementation for improving these for those children still under my roof… and those who are fledged, as well. One thing I have worked on for a couple of years now is more positive communications -both in quality and quantity. I think I need to up my efforts on that, but that is just a matter of emphasis.

What I really should have is some idea of where I have had blind spots, and how to build the breaches in the walls of inclusion and enclosure for the relationships. From the messages that I have had back over the years, it seems the two most complained about have been the “You are loved for yourself” and
“You are seen for who you are” messages. I am not sure what to do to improve those .

Still thinking.