Choosing That One Thing

Feisty Repartee shares,

I heeded some damn good advice given to me by an older, well-seasoned attorney I greatly respected. A gentleman by the name of Mr. Ciambotti told me to pick one thing on which to base my professional reputation and character and whatever else I did, never to lose sight of that one thing.

and as she wends her way through her story I find my own adjustments to life’s reality and the ensuing identity angst is not something unique to me.

That has never comforted me much, the fact that “I’m not the only one”, but it puts it into perspective of something that does comfort me. Life has seasons. We are moving through phases and each time has its demands and its beauties.

We aren’t what we were in other seasons, we are not now what we will yet be, and that is as it should be.

The Feisty Repartee is an extra fine blog, no surprise since I followed a link from Tony Woodlief.

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