Christmas Will Come

For the naysayers who think that we all rush the Christmas season, I say humbug. My grandmother used to tell me stories of how she would start in October baking fruitcakes for Christmas giving. I don’t remember that, but probably because we didn’t visit in the fall, we had visits at Easter and Christmas, mostly as I recall… in the midst of the holiday celebrations when the fruition of the plans and preparations were unwrapped, served, and enjoyed.

The reason for writing this is because the other day @ Curves the women were all talking about looking for creative recipes to add to their Thanksgiving menus. Not too creative, mind you, when the conversation turned to one artichoke pastry sidedish. That was deemed a bit too California for these midwestern ladies.. the consensus was that the kids wouldn’t touch it, and it seemed too complicated to make anyway. I remained quiet. Too busy working out.
But then I thought of my page of holiday menus and how that now might be a good time to post it here. I am considering making something more creative this year myself. So once I work that out maybe I will try for posting that, although I doubt if I will be blogging as much when the holidays arrive in earnest. I tend to be a basic down-home sort of cook, like many of my midwestern ladies @ Curves cohorts.

My Holiday Menus, from Christmas in Ohio website (which I just renovated due to moving to my own domain). Enjoy.

For those interested, there are some wonderful ideas in Martha Stewart Living, and I am seriously thinking of brining the turkey this year as per her instructions. I know MS got lots of flack for her jail time, but she really does wonderful things with the home living ideas! I have her Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook, which I bought for a daughter-in-law and myself. I also have a Christmas softcover book, but I like to get the magazines to see new recipes, etc.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for all of Martha Stewarts homemaking sensibilities. It appeals to the challenge of the impossible in me.