Clarifying Disinformation

I wrote this: “[what] the disinformation agenda of Islamists and their cohorts consists of and how it contributes to more of the same.”

But I didn’t fully specify what that was, did I? It was implied in the material, but let me make this perfectly clear.

The disinformation is that jihad is not the problem, America is the problem. The immorality of killings of millions of people for having a different religion is not really immoral, a President who focused on Iraq as the point of entry into the battle against terrorism is immoral. That suicide bombers and the attackers against school children are not immoral, but the waging of war is immoral ( but only when perpetrated by non-Muslims.. Muslims get a home free card on the behalf of their jihad clause).

Why does this contribute to more of the same? Because there is an ever tightening noose within the jihadist force. It is not good enough to be Muslim, not good enough for a woman to wear a scarf, not good enough to convert… you will have to be the right color, the right sect, and the right amount of covering…… or you can die. All in the most holy way imaginable, and pave the way to paradise for those lucky enough to have cast the first stone or to blow themselves to bits with the bodies of infants in their wake.

That is where it will go – it will go there inexorably due to its essence and conception. Peace? This is your peace?
” Jeremiah 6:14
They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.”

I want something from the Muslim world. I want to see these moderate peaceful Muslims that I hear about. I want to see them united to execrate the practice of jihad and all such terrorism. They could start as a blogging coalition,I will moderate my tone and I will most gladly laud and link them.

Start there.

Clear enough?

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