Cogent Comment Upon Our Culture

A post which should be read in entirety due to its perfectly balanced form and thought, the blog ‘Ancient Hebrew Poetry‘ explains “Why I am an atheist“.

What our culture is given to believe of itself mirrored back in a declaration of what is actually so, John F. Hobbins gives reflection outside of the usual rhetoric in a topic whose countenance seems so set in our acquaintance with it that we are tempted to gloss over the implications for ourselves.

I see excellent things, like science and politics, made into a surrogate religion, and denatured in the process.

Where others see progress in green awareness, I see intense hypocrisy. Where others see progress in the tendency of the latte crowd to be pacifist, I see a ‘live and let die’ philosophy. Among those who have thrown religion aside as if it were an ill-fitting jacket, or simply no longer in fashion, I note a continued hunger for transcendentals that might give life meaning.

With John, I too profess, “I do not believe in the gods of this age.

via the ever genuine and sensitive eclexia