..because I like the word. All the neat stuff that goes into making this blog

  • For graphics work I use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. I have all sorts of mini-programs that were offered free at one time. ColorCache is one I use often, it is worth the money if you want a color grabber. I recently found another that is free, Absolute Color Picker by Eltima software. You won’t see too much of my work on this blog.
  • this is the WordPress blogging platform hosted by, really great people.
  • Presently I am using the Cherry Truffle theme . I changed my theme every so often, but since they upgraded Elegant Themes will continue to provide the “look”. Try them out- they have a good options panel to customize the site
  • I decided to include much more of the Google and Amazon features. I especially like that Amazon can give access to books that are pertinent to a blog. I personally like to easily find a place to purchase something that I decided I’d like to own. These advertisements are like the “where to buy” pages at the back of magazines- only more accessible 🙂 CLICK! and you’re there. If you would like to support my blogging I would very much appreciate it. The wish list button is posted by my kids request- they had no idea what to get me for Mother’s day… so now they can access my blog and voila! Instant gift ideas. No one else is interested in that feature which is just fine:)

Useful Links:

Yelp is a useful user review site

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