Come Sit on *My* Couch For Awhile

I have been bad…. veryvery bad. I have avoided all my pressing obligations by playing on the computer. This is a new low for me. I usually have some reason for my computer time… it is researching something, or giving out good info, or adding something to the public forum…. but I spent way too much time playing blogshares. What is wrong with me?

What I did manage to gain from it is the discovery of some new blogs. One was mentioned yesterday, which I “bought” some B$hares in, and one is for your blogroll if you think you can stand the psychological pain of being dissected as a blogger.

Try Sigmund, Carl and Alfred.

And speaking of pain…this is what we were speaking of, correct? Here is something I would LOVE to discuss with the right person, like Carl:

Have you heard of those who think the BDS&M scene can be a Christian one?
This was a topic on a Christian forum I was on one time. I’ll tell you I was personally astounded that people could accomodate that lifestyle with a Christian interpretation. I had some good arguments -but it all sort of avoided the “this is wrong” approach, which gets legalistic ( big no-no for Christian Truth). I approached it from the principle angle, in which the whole idea of anyone “lording it over ” another is contrary to Christian Principle.

Ok. Pandora time over….go read Sigmund, Carl and Alfred and forget I said anything about …. the other topic.