Cooling One’s Heels

In “50 and Cooling” I made the statement that I didn’t think Time understood blogging… I received a comment from Greg Wallace that he believes they do… I defer to his judgement not just because he is a really sweet guy, but because he knows his stuff on this topic, and I’m just guessing.

In trying to close that learning curve I started reading Hugh Hewitts’ “Blog”. I know I’m slow. So far it is describing the blogosphere as a political power and journalistic entity. I’ll read the rest of the book before I go out on any limbs, but it seems as though blogging, like the rest of the internet, is still changing forms. Well, more on that later. Although that political power may come into its own in becoming a grassroots base for the coming need of our nation to correct the latest government interloping into property rights.

And yes, this is one really big important matter.

Right now, I have come to a conclusion on one substitution I would make in the Motherhood category of the Time â„¢ List: I would replace Dooce with Julie Leung. She is just as smart, if not smarter…she may not be sassy and sometimes “vulgar”, but she sure knows blogging and is a respected speaker on the subject, she is a very wonderful Mom and Wife- that comes through undeniably in her blog. JMO.

What would be some of your choices for the coolest blogs? Educate me:)