Danish Zen

From Maggi Dawn, I think, I wandered onto a blogroll entry and I found an interesting quote on a bio:

i should say that recently i think of myself less as a journaller, and more as someone who creates a presence on the web. there’s been an interesting evolution from BBSs to chat rooms to personal web sites to journals to blogs. and there’s less and less of a distinction, for me anyway, between journal and blog. either you choose to put yourself out there, for public consumption, or you don’t. how you do it, the tools that you use, the widgets that you put up, the means of feedback and interaction that you choose – all of that matters less than if you’re out there or not.

That is how I feel about it, too. Anyway, the presence that Dreaming In Denmark creates is a worthy one to visit. I thought she was -an old fashioned term- quite droll. Funny and amusing and touching all at once.

She seems to have a related blog called Danish Outpost, where the bio is posted.