Democrats Are The Epitome of Evil

You think I’m going to say something off the wall, don’t you? Or you are veritably salavering for something to add to your inner bonfire of the vanities.

but you are on my blog….

If you are writing about Dick Durbin today, you are just aghast and agog about the Nazi commentary, and yes, I know all about the high caliber people writing about Dick Durbin today. But you are just part of the players on the stage, aren’t you?

They throw their crap and you throw yours. It’s all one big pigpen game, and you think that the one with the most radical propaganda wins, right?

Well, it bothers me that the true message that we should understand about the holocaust gets completely ignored. That is a grievous thing, because it rates at the top of the horrendous things that humans are capable of doing to one another.

and as long as you point fingers at the them, you will forget that we might become that ourselves.

I don’t care about Dick Durbin. As long as we promote the idea that we are above the possibility of committing atrocities because we are so intrinsically good…well, that is just part of the process of not being so very different, after all. It is the first level in allowing ourselves to denigrate others.

Do you find yourselves castigating other groups? Villanizing anyone? Are you on your superior platform with your fieldglasses trained on the enemy?

Go ahead and ignore me, or get offended that I dare say anything and risk being marked as on their side.

but maybe there are a few out there…just a few who are willing to consider that we ought to have a different way of dealing with the contentions of the Left, of the Democrats, of whomever you feel is drawing a line in the sand of civilization.
If we don’t, we could just miss it; we could just let more of what is actually eating away the foundations of our society just continue its subterranean activity.

In the meantime, I think it is time for detente in the Cold War between the Red and Blue…. anyone know where the white flag went?

3 thoughts on “Democrats Are The Epitome of Evil”

  1. Thank you.
    He messed up. He apologized, already.
    Move along, folks. Nothing here to look at.

    Meantime, I just got one of the most satisfying emails I have ever received. It came from an Iraqi man that is probably as old as I am whose blog I have been reading. I have asked his permission to publish what he wrote. I am having more success connecting with a foreigner whom I have never met than some of the people that I have known all my life. Wars have a very corrosive effect on the human spirit.

  2. These politicals grandstandings are exposing a lot of Christians to themselves for the first time and those who are paying attention are getting a shock.

  3. Guys –
    You’re far too thoughtful and considered.
    Dick is a hard-knuckled, tough politico who knew [thought he knew] just what he was doing – pandering to the anti-war, anti-Bush folks in his state. But he used language just a bit too acidic and made comparisons a bit too inaccurate about Gitmo. Don’t cut him any slack. He premeditatively did it for his own gain. Don’t think a lot about what he said, just show him the door…
    – Gussie

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