Diagnosing the Trouble Between Right And Left

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The notion that the U.S. even remotely resembles a Christian theocracy–or ever will–is ludicrous on its face. Where are the requirements for Christian allegiance to enter civil service? Where are the prosecutions for religious offenses, the jailing of abortionists, the requisite prayer in schools and government? Where is the mandatory Bible in every home and office? Is a country where artists display crucifixes in urine and religious symbols covered in dung, where profanity and sexual promiscuity are widely depicted and promoted in film and media, where pornography is a mouse click away, really under the control–or even the remotest influence–of Christian theocrats? Anyone who makes such a claim is either hysterical, disingenuous, or ignorant–willfully so, in my opinion–of the horrors of true theocratic states such as Iran and Afghanistan under the Taliban, or even “liberal” countries like Saudi Arabia. Wildly hyperbolic accusations such as these about an American administration and those who purportedly control it–dark predictions of assassinations, Salem witch trials, or an Inquisition–do not possess even a remote basis in reality.

No, what infuriates the secular left–and yes, even some on the secular right–is that their sacred cows are now threatened by the leadership elected by the American people: moral relativism, abortion without limits; sexuality without responsibility, consequences, or commitment; the devaluation of the traditional family structure; a society so constructed that no appeal to divine principles or moral absolutes is allowed to interfere with utopian social engineering.

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  1. That is great! Eloquent, commonsensical and very funny. I cracked up at this:
    “My conclusion from this rather broad exposure to American Christianity, and my review of the thoughts of those so distraught about impending theocracy, is this: the current depiction of Christianity by the secular left assails a religious belief system which, by and large, simply does not exist. It is a fabrication, the stuff of fever dreams and flashbacks.”

  2. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing. I enjoyed your posts a great deal on the Evangelical Update.


  3. Thank you so much, Kate. I was worried about the fact that I wear combat boots, ( figuratively speaking)

    The online world seems a constant course in sensitivity training for me.

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