Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
I know I have lots of RL work to do, I know that I should post real content in you, but I have used all my spare time reading blogs. I have been taking online quizzes again, I have begun terrorizing peoples comment boxes ( much better than the old guest book activity of yore).
The good part of this is that -especially at Parableman– I have found lots of good fodder for the future. Your future, dear Diary. A really good topic involving America, Christian definitions, authority, American Revolution retrospect, and other such good things..all with a metaphysical nuance.

PLUS I found a new personality test which I plan to take. YAY.
If I feel compelled to talk to you again, O Personified One, I will use the extended entry cut.

Remind me to keep my promise to post something inspired from that post/commentary from the Parableman, OK?